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Hotel ab Shiga
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Kyoto sightseeing


December 1994, as “Cultural assets of the ancient capital Kyoto,” registered a World Cultural Heritage Site based on the “World Heritage Convention”. Founded in 798 of Heian era and reconstructed current main hall in 1633.
※ From February 2017, during renovating construction of the roof of the main hall.

Access from Hotel ab Shiga

  • JR Ishiyama station(15Minutes)→
  • JR Kyoto station→
  • JR Kyoto station municipal bus from the bus terminal(15Minutes) →
  • 850m on foot from Bus Stop Kiyomizudera

Fushimi Inari Shrine

As a god of grains richness and family business prosperity, it has attracted people’s deep faith from long time ago and today, the red color torii gate that donated by the believers is spectacular and stands on the Inari mountain.

The shrine (important cultural property) was rebuilt in 1499, after being burned down by the rebellion, and recently some additional buildings were built.

Access from Hotel ab Shiga

  • JR Ishiyama station (15Minutes) →
  • JR Kyoto station →
  • Nara Line to Inari Station (5 minutes) →
  • 180 m on foot from the station

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