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Hotel ab Shiga which is convenient for Kyoto sightseeing
Hotel ab Shiga
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Lake Biwa Cruise


Michigan Cruise

Michigan is a cheerful paddle boat that travels around South Lake. Enjoy fun music and events, a variety of meals from snacks to buffet dishes, and more. The 360-degree panorama from the top of the Michigan Sky Deck is breathtaking.
There are three Michigan Cruise courses. Enjoy the daytime magnificent Lake Lake scenery and food, 80 minutes course <Michigan 80> to enjoy cheerful cruise event, 60 minutes course <Michigan 60> to enjoy the afternoon sun free Lake Lake, beautiful evening scenery and night view Lake Biwa lake and food, cheerfulness You can choose from <Michigan Night> to enjoy various cruise events.
You can get on board from “Onohama Tourist Port” and “Yagigazaki Koho Koen Port”, and you can also get on the section between each port.

In the middle of Japan, there are plans for Takeo Island Cruise visiting the power spots that float on Lake Biwa, boat trips that touch the history, culture and nature of Lake Biwa, Lake Biwa Longitudinal, and 4 island tours around Biwako Island and other seasons.

Operation schedule and reservation / Lake Biwa Kisen Reservation Center
TEL / 077-524-5000
Navi Dial / 0570-052-105 (some IP phones, international calls are not connected)
Reception hours / 9:00 to 17:00