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Hotel ab Shiga
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Koka no Sato Ninjutsu Village

Kokanosato Ninjyutsumura

Constitutional cultural property facility of “Japanese heritage”

Koka’s Satoshinjutsu village is dotted with facilities such as the Shinobi Shrine, Ninjutsu Museum, Karakuri mansion, and Shirikendo Dojo in a vast site, and the surrounding area is caught in the primeval forest of the Suzuka Mountains.
We create the atmosphere of a traditional hidden village. In the birthplace of the Koka Ninja, please enjoy the feeling that you have become a ninja while enjoying nature.

The schedule may be changed depending on weather conditions and crowded conditions. Due to circumstances, there may be changes in business hours and business dates.
Please confirm details such as business hours by phone. Last admission time is 30 minutes before closing village. Please be careful.

Business confirmation until 0748-88-5000


Oga 394 Koka-cho Koka-shi, Shiga Prefecture