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Hotel ab Shiga which is convenient for Kyoto sightseeing
Hotel ab Shiga
Check in / 3:00pm-11:00pm, Check out / 11:00am

Koka style Ninjutsu mansion

Koga style Ninjutsu mansion

Real Ninjutsu mansion which remains now

Not only can you learn the history of ninjas in the Koga style Ninjutsu mansion, you can also experience, touch, and solve the mystery of the ninja mansion that was actually used. It is a facility that many people can enjoy, from young people to history lovers as well as ninja lovers. The image of a ninja who has been separated from a human being, which I had previously seen and imagined on television etc., should change greatly. You can realize that Ninjutsu is a collection of human knowledge and has been cultivated in a long history. Please try to experience the real ninja world that existed in the warring world.

AM 9:00 to closing PM 5:00 (until 4:30)
Closed on December 27-January 2 of the following year
On other days, there is no rest

Admission fee (with guide) Adult (more than junior high school student) ¥ 700 (tax included)
Dwarf (4 years old or older) ¥ 400 (tax included)
※ 3 years old and younger are free

Group entrance fee (with guide)
<30 or more> Adults (junior high school students) ¥ 600 (tax included)
Dwarf (4 years old or older) ¥ 350 (tax included)
※ 3 years old and younger are free

Parking lot Free

TEL / 0748-86-2179
FAX / 0748-86-7505