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Hotel ab Shiga which is convenient for Kyoto sightseeing
Hotel ab Shiga
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Shiga Prefectural Ice Arena

Shiga Prefectural Ice Arena

Make Shiga well with the power of sports!

It is a skating rink opened in 2000. The full-fledged link is designated as the venue where the official Ice Hockey Japan League game will be held. You can enjoy skating from the middle of September to the end of June. It is the main link international standard and can be used in various competitions such as ice hockey. We will also hold a children’s and adult’s birthday class. It can be used as a gymnasium in summer for ice hockey and night fun in the early morning and in the night at night. It can be used for practice.

TEL / 077-547-5566
FAX / 077-544-7080


17-3 Seta Oemachi, Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture