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Hotel ab Shiga which is convenient for Kyoto sightseeing
Hotel ab Shiga
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Ishiyama Temple

Ishiyama Temple

One of Omi Hakkei-ground of Ishiyama Akizuki

It is the 13th Fudasho place in 33 Saikoku Reijo, which is another name of Mount Honjin of Shingonshu Toji. During the Heian period, there was an epidemic among the nobles at Ishiyama Pass, and there is a “Genji-no-Mori” that is reported to have Murasaki Shikibu wrote the Tale of Genji in the temple. Cultural property main hall (National treasure, Heian period) Dongdaemun (Hebun, Kamakura period) Taho-tower (National treasure, Kamakura period) In addition, a large number of national treasures and national relics are held.

Admission fee / 600 yen
Visit time / 8-17 o’clock

TEL / 077-537-0013
FAX / 077-537-0133


10 minutes by bus from JR Ishiyama Station and get off at Ishidera Yamamonmae.