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Hotel ab Shiga which is convenient for Kyoto sightseeing
Hotel ab Shiga
Check in / 3:00pm-11:00pm, Check out / 11:00am

Omi tea Maruyoshi


Hojicha specialty store

Including tea leaves produced by Omi Tsuyama Miyamiya, tea leaves picked from local tea gardens, etc., select selected tea leaves from tea fields every season in Japan, and the tea leaves possessed by the skill of time craftsmanship “Joji” I pulled out the taste.
Only Maruyoshi can enjoy ten kinds of tastes in the whole country. “Somelier of Tea (= Instructor)” Please select your tea leaves and find your favorite potion from among the unique hojichas that you have carefully made.

We are carrying out the Hojicha tea experience!

TEL / 0120-67-0325
FAX / 0748-67-0327
E-mail : maruyoshi@oumicha.jp

Day off: New Year’s Day
During a new store in the new Meishin Toyama SA stand! !